Trophy staff member: Kyle’s payback – Speech Eatery – East indian restaurants Happy club – Brunette Horny child – Inquire the woman

Trophy staff member: Kyle’s payback – Speech Eatery – East indian restaurants Happy club – Brunette Horny child – Inquire the woman

To people That have Outdone The video game: What’s the passcode to view this new shack about trees or how will you get it. Delight Address.

you could ask Sabrina to the code. it’s 6004. but before that, query the three almost every other lady to give you clues. Come in which purchase: Kate, Erika, Mia, Sabrina. I hope that will help ^^

heyyo individuals. (this really is S0S) yes, i’m sure i am a girl get over they;) (around appears to be no good sim games out?) anyways, i am for the gym hottie and you may im caught on her fav tv show topic…let some one?

heyyo someone. (treatment for S0S- caroline1154) aha!! the gymnasium hottie likes the television show “Shoot-out”. hope this will help to, so you’re able to every1 which had been wanting to know;)

i never get this video game whatsoever wat personal manage they including just how can u tlk bck omg plz help me

Oh yeah, and you can Kate like dramas! Erika’s attire store are Hyped Up and upcoming Maia wants to become a lawyer.

uhhh i missing for each one to i got eventually to ever boss away from sabrina kate mia as well as her we earliest goed that have gymnasium girl or watever the woman name is

Some of this article is Incorrect; Mia functions as the this lady dads secretary in the their dental practitioners place of work. Kate is actually a waiter and you will Mia wants to become an attorney.

We do not get it! Do you really ever get married a girl from Things? Or is it supposed to be this way? Your own perhaps not designed to Profit the overall game or something like that?

Okay and so i learn how to earn every people more than and you will blahblahblah. But the game seems Impossible to beat. I have my personal electricity during the 3 hundred+ now, however, every time I raise my personal electricity, Cyclops’ grows eg tenfold!!

Jordyn Jones– Discover an option to get married this lady or ask this lady in which Cyclops was (asking the girl an ‘important question’ in the one thousand+ center things). However,, if you do marry the lady, you must initiate yet again (if you do not saved one which just get married) as there are absolutely nothing to the story Once you wed. I will not give the latest ending, but I expected it aided.

Janitor: Busted mop – Borrow funds Kyle – Tell It’s toilet – ladies’ Joe’s birthday celebration – Talk to your Easter Mascot – Beat him right up

Errand son: Java – Cannot care and attention Golf – Let it rest Searching – A-wing Ring place – Parking spot Donuts – Vanilla extract

Provides manager: Pencil – Send Vinh’s problem – Deal with Worn out – Vinh gets control of Also have depending – Count the fresh pencils Brandan’s glasses – Let it slip

Computer Administration Assistant: Place of work Group – Shout in the their faces Video game security – Quirky unicorn cover Guild competition – contest Pranks – Dylan Sail – Watercraft 2

Cubicle give: MMORPG – Gamble Meeting – Jazz Danny – Whoop his butt T-shirt – Draw by hand Anniversary – Meaningful

Providers supervisor: Malware – Anti-Trojan App Karaoke – Old-school Photocopy experience – Fire him or her Rockband event – Sign up Late to possess fulfilling – be truthful

Vice-president: Increasing any office – Front that have Kev and you can Steeped Nut collision – Refuse to respond to Paintball – Expect straight back-right up Science agency – No Kyle’s second payback – He or she is bluffing

Larger manager: Assistant – Cheryl Dustin – Give him a go Foundation – Musical festival Larger boss tennis – Unique online game provide Jazzy Jack – Deny

How do you beat Cyclops?

how will you get the specials on dresses store? B.t.w. getting Kate your forgot to help you checklist in which she really works and you indexed her favorite restaurants twice.

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