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Galveston Charter

Enjoy a private fishing charter in Galveston, Texas. With over 29 years of experience, Captain Jamie Pinter is ready to help you make the catch of a lifetime.

May 15th – October 1st

1-3 People Included, add an additional person for $100.

Cancellation Policy: $400

Half-Day $600
Full-Day $800

Shark and Tarpon Trips
Half-Day $700
Full-Day $900

Redfish Trip
Half-Day $600
Full-Day $800

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Baytown Charter

Enjoy chasing down Trout, Redfish, and Flounder this winter season. With the cooler temperature and some of the strongest fall/wintertime fishing in the Baytown area, it’s always a hit.


October 1st – January 15th

1-3 People Included, add an additional person for $100.

Cancellation Policy: $400

Half Day $600
Full Day $800

Trout 1

Baffin Bay Charter

Baffin season bookings are available from January until the end of April. Come on down, and try your shot at a record-breaker in Corpus Christi!

January 1st – May 15th

1-4 People Included, $100 per person for 5th and 6th.

Cancellation Policy: $400

Full Day $900

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Waterfowl Season

Just a short drive outside of Houston, Texas, our team is ready to help you hit your limit this hunting season. We offer hunting from Brookshire to Sargeant, and can handle parties of any size.

Teal Hunts September

Big Duck November 1st – Late January

**Minimum 3 people.

**Maximum 10 people.

Cancellation Policy: $400

Teal $250 per Gun

Big Duck $250 per Gun

Goose $250 per Gun

Sandhill $250 per Gun

“It’s said that it’s called fishing and not catching.
But today was ALL about catching. A huge thanks to Jamie C. Pinter, our incredible fishing expert and guide, for putting us right on the money! I’m ready to plan my next fishing trip!
Who wants to join me?!”

Erica Sobba