Since it’s a completely free account, you don’t have to worry about managing the account or doing anything with it

Since it’s a completely free account, you don’t have to worry about managing the account or doing anything with it

Final Thoughts

Chime is a very easy bank account bonus that is the perfect introduction for beginners new to the world of bank account bonuses. I would typically recommend keeping your Chime account open forever so that you can keep referring people.

The entire process to earn this bonus is really fast, so you should be able to earn your $100 Chime referral bonus with just a few minutes of work. You can open your Chime account and earn your bonus using my Chime referral link.

If you have two people, you’ll make $300 with just a few minutes of work. This makes this referral bonus well worth taking doing.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the world of bank account bonuses, I wrote the Ultimate Guide To Bank Account Bonuses, which you should definitely check out. That post goes into a lot of detail about how bank account bonuses work and how you can take advantage of them.

More Recommended Ebike/Scooters

  • Varla Eagle One – The Varla Eagle One is an excellent scooter that can make sense for a lot of people. It can work as a primary mode of transportation. You can use it to work on gig economy apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. And it can also be a recreational vehicle if you’d prefer to use it for that. Check out my Varla Eagle One Review.
  • Himiway Escape Bike – The Himiway Escape is an interesting bike for anyone looking for a moped-style ebike. If you’re a gig economy worker, the Himiway Escape is particularly interesting and it’s possible to think of it as an investment, especially if you can opt to do deliveries with the Himiway versus using a car. It’s not cheap, but you can definitely make your money back when you compare the mileage you’ll put on your car versus using an ebike. Check out my Himiway Escape Bike Review.
  • Espin Sport Bike – The Espin Sport is a good ebike for payday loans in NV someone who is looking for an ebike that feels and rides more like a regular bike. There are many ebikes that are really only bikes in name. In reality, they’re basically electric mopeds. The Espin Sport, by contrast, is a bike you could probably ride without the battery and you’d feel like you’re just riding a regular bike. Check out my Espin Sport Review.

More Recommended Investing App Bonuses

  • M1 Finance ($50) – This is a great robo-advisor that has no fees and allows you to create a customized portfolio based on your risk tolerance. You also get $50 for opening an account. Check out my M1 Finance Referral Bonus – Step-By-Step Guide.
  • SoFi Invest ($25) – SoFi Invest is an easy brokerage account bonus that you can earn with just a few minutes of work. Use my SoFi Invest referral link, fund your SoFi Invest brokerage account with $100 and you’ll get $25 of free stock. I also have a step-by-step guide for the SoFi Invest referral bonus.
  • Moomoo (5 free stocks) – Moomoo is a free investing app currently offering 5 free stocks (usually worth around $75-$100) if you open an account using a referral link and deposit $2,000. Read my Moomoo referral bonus guide for more information.
  • Webull (1 free stock) – Webull also gives you a free stock valued between $2.50-$1,400 if you open an account using my referral link. Here’s a guide I wrote about how to earn your free stocks using Webull.

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